Revolution in grill industry - smokeless grill grate made from round bars or cast iron

People love grilling. However, there are health and environmental problems due to fat burning during grilling. Now we can ultimately solve the problems with our new GreenBBQ technology.

During grilling fat and oil fall into the fire, causing smoke and flare-up. Smoke is the biggest disturbance for the people. Flare-up burns the food. The grill master must act quickly in order to save the food when flare-up occurs. From a health perspective the grilled food contains carcinogens polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and heterocyclic amine. Furthermore, grilling is an important source of air pollution, especially fine particles.  

We solve the problem of fat/oil fire with a new technology of patent pending. The grill grate is made from round bars or cast iron just like a conventional grill grate. Therefore, the grill has no disadvantage regarding cooking time, taste and cleaning. An inclination of the grate as small as 5° enables a safe fat transport along the round bars into the fat pan. A special grate construction, which causes an extraordinarily large adhesion between fat and the steel bars, makes it possible. This technology can be used on any grill. 

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